New Gaia Lip Balm Formula

December 10, 2015

Significantly Better Lip Balm

12/10/2015 Formula Improvement

A Little Background

Gaia Lip balm has performed impressively over the past couple months, despite not being listed on our website. The demand for delicious, nourishing lip stuff is higher than we anticipated. We were surprised, also, by the demographic of lip balm buyers. While soap, lotion and body scrub buying is dominated by women (who tend to be more aware of skin health and the importance of natural ingredients), Lip balm buyers are all over the chart. Men and women of all ages between 20-55 make up the lip balm buying demographic (for Gaia Body Works).

The Problem

Anyways, despite huge success, we did get some negative feedback from a few unhappy lip balers who experienced difficult application in colder weather. This makes sense! Lip balm hardness / softness is all about the ratio of Wax : Butters : Solid Oils (at room temp) : Liquid Oils. Manipulating these values will change how easy or how difficult it is to apply lip balm. The types of oils and butters fine tune the experience depending on viscosity and nutrient profiles. Like most ingredients, wax, solid oils and butters become harder in cold weather, making it more difficult to apply. Since cold weather causes dry lips, we figure this is when our lip balm should perform the absolute best. 

The Solution

While nourishment and health is always our first priority, user experience and convenience are valuable development priorities also. The solution is pretty simple. We already refined the formula and implemented the changes. We moved the ratios around a little to favor liquid oils that make our lip balm softer and easier to apply. After 12 trials, we NAILED IT!

We're so proud of the changes we made, that we are giving everyone who bough a lip balm prior to 12/10/2015 a FREE new lip balm. Just send an email to with your order number and we will ship you an awesome new lip balm. Also, anyone who places an order of $35 or more from now till 12/10/2016 will receive a free lip balm. 

Shop for Gaia Body Works Lip Stuff Lip Balm 

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 Like all Gaia Products, our Lip Stuff Lip Balm is 100% natural, toxin free and make with sustainable sourced ingredients. Our Lip Stuff is the Best Lip Balm your lips will ever experience.


-Jordan Park 
-Founder / CEO / President of R&D


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