face cleanse.

$ 20.00


A mild cleanse for all skin types

  • Detoxifying Montmorillonite Clay
  • Authentic Soap
  • Mineral Dense Dead Sea Salt
  • Nourishing & Moisturizing Plant Oils
  • Does not damage lipid barrier or microbial function

In The Jar:

*Coconut Oil,
*Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
*FT Shea Butter,
*Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil,
*Castor Oil,
Manuka honey
Dead sea salt
Epsom salt
Reverse Osmosis Water,
Clay Blend (Bentonite, Moroccan)
*Essential Oil,
Vitamin E

*Certified Organic Ingredient / FT= Certified Fair Trade Ingredient


Scoop, gently massage and rinse. Use is your daily skin care routine.
Follow up with our face serum, face cream or other 100% oil moisturizer.

Qualities of a Good Cleanse:

  • Maintains a healthy functioning lipid barrier
  • Does not damage the beneficial microbial flora
  • Does not introduce additional toxicity
  • Does not cause problematic inflammation
  • Provides minerals and lipids to replaces lost nutrition during the cleansing process

The cleansing process should support and improve skin integrity without introducing toxicity. You may not think of a face cleanse impacting long term skin health, but it does. If the lipid barrier is aggressively stripped and inflammation is triggered on a regular basis from the cleansing process, collagen and elastin production can decrease and cause a loss is skin suppleness and elasticity. Damages to the microbial flora (from preservatives, anti-bacterial and aggressive active ingredients) can have major impacts on the skin's ability to fend off pathogenic bacterium.

What to Expect:

This cleanse is not formulated with detergent and does not contain a high concentration of soap, so don't expect a big, fun and foamy lather. A lather is actually irrelevant to a functional cleanse. You may notice a very mild exfoliation from the clay blend, but this formula is pretty smooth. A small percentage of people may experience a little tingle or a very tolerable burning sensation. This is completely normal and characteristic of mineral rich dead sea salt.

Pair it With a Good Moisture Supplement:

While the cleansing process can have major impacts on skin health, following up with a good moisturizer is essential to maintaining a strong lipid barrier, fending off inflammation and supporting protein synthesis. Use our Lipid Matrix Face Serum or our Protective SPF Face Cream for best results. Both of these products are equipped with essential and supplemental nutrition to maintain strong, supple, resilient skin. These ZERO WATER formulas support completely functional without any novelty or toxic ingredients.

A good, mild cleanser and lipid moisturizer combo is the foundation of any health oriented skin care routine.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I love this stuff!

The smell: great! The makeup: totally gone! The skin: moisturized and soft! I love this cleanser.


My wife and I both use this product and not only does it make our skin FEEL refreshed and cleansed it also has improved the appearance of our skin noticeably. We love it!

Try it !

Like everything else we have tried here....works great, try it!

Using the product

I am actually excited to start using your product! I am finishing up my old product so it didn’t go to waste.


It has been a couple of years since I first tried Whole Body Apothecary products. I have noticed a drastic difference in my overall skin-and I notice a difference when I do not use it. I am very happy with this line of body care and the fact that I know what I am putting onto my skin. I will never switch to anything else.