Low Impact Operations

The Importance of Leaving a Small Footprint

"We believe it's the RESPONSIBILITY of EVERY company to consider the environmental impact of their operation"

A Rant About Our Currant State Of Corporatocracy and Profiteering

It's no longer a conspiracy that humanity is destroying this planet for corporate gain. Profiteering is aggressively pursued at the expense of social and environmental sustainability. The sustainable option is not always cheapest or easiest, but when did we decide a few dollars is more important than the preservation of our home (Earth)? When did mass, cheap production of palm oil become more important than the rain forest and indigenous species who live there? When did saving a few bucks become more important than the livelihood of impoverished workers.
These reality is, many products are wiping out resources and introducing devastating toxicity to world around us. From chemical biocides in crop cultivation and the over use of water to slave labor, the practices some companies employ are ethically unfathomable and should be considered criminal.
We're all living together on this planet, not independent of anything else. Everything we need to survive comes from everything around us. Not caring about how a product effects our plant is not caring about anybody or anything else on it. There is no black hole in the middle of the ocean absorbing all the toxic chemicals and trash we produce. It all stays right here with us. It won't be long (especially relative to the life of our planet) before we're buried in our own crap. At that point, dollar bills will be nothing more that a fancy design on a special piece of paper.


Be a part of the change. Shop responsibly everyday for every product.

The Only Way Forward

  We do not employ an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. We consider the impact of every detail in our operation from start to finish. If capitalism is to move forward, we must address the wasteful and careless operation of corporate profit jockeys.

"Eco-friendly companies must be the future. We cannot continue taking so much with so little regard."