looking to add some awesomeness to your yoga routine and lifestyle? maybe you have a buddy who's obnoxiously zen... this bundle of zenliness combines balancing aromatherapy with muscle and joint limbering herbs and spices. weave into a yoga routine to super charge your mind & body for your personal and professional hustle.

this bundle is also popular for performance athletes who take time to keep their mind and body supple. 


the yogi (r r & r + large muscle rub)

  • mineral bath - lavender
  • inflammation tea
  • aroma roller - lavender
  • large muscle rub

pre-yoga recommendations.

- muscle rub (vinyasa, ashtanga, power, hot, etc)
- lavender aroma roller (yin, vinyasa, meditation)


post-yoga recommendations.

- lavender roller
- mineral bath
- inflammation tea.

how i use the yogi bundle. 

i bring my muscle rub and lavender aroma roller to every vinyasa, power and hot yoga sequence. while warming up, a little dab of muscle rub can stimulate blood slow to muscles and 'lubricate' stiff joints. I put a few dabs on my lower back, neck muscles and hamstrings. the minty aroma can also stimulate focus and positive state of being.  i always ask people around me if they mind me using muscle rub and most people are super interested in trying some for themselves. in some classes, the other students come over to grab a little from my tin before practice. i massage the muscle rub, with good pressure, into areas that i want to focus on. 

if my class is at night, i try to carry the meditation home for some post-class therapy once a week. i immediately start a batch of inflammation tea, then start a hot bath with a half cup of mineral bath. after a 15-20 minute soak, i'm ready to drink the inflammation tea and roll on a little lavender to my neck and wrists. this extra goodness after a practice really helps reset my mind, focus and intention, while nourishing my muscled and joints. while this extra effort is difficult for super busy people to weave into their routine, the benefits are undeniably worth the investment. 


mineral bath.

authentic dead sea salt
epsom salt
isolated magnesium chloride (derived from authentic dead sea salt)
authentic himalayan salt
*lavender essential oil

inflammation tea.

*Ginger Root - adaptogen
*Cinnamon Bark
*Nettle Leaf & Root
*Black Pepper
*rooibos tea
*marshmallow root

*Certified Organic Botanical

lavender aroma roller.

*lavender essential oil
*sunflower oil
vitamin e

muscle rub.

*Coconut Oil 
*Bees Wax
*sunflower oil 
Arnica Infusion (*Olive Oil, Arnica Flowers) 
*Eucalyptus Oil 
*Lavender Oil 
*Menthol Crystals (flash frozen from organic mint essential oil) 
*Peppermint Oil 
*Bergamot Oil 
Vitamin E

*Certified Organic Ingredient

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