Essential Oil Diffuser - Authentic Nebulizing

$ 95.00


Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Takes NO WATER
  • Generates NO HEAT
  • Authentic wooden base
  • Hand Blown and Tempered glass
  • ZERO plastic parts
  • 1yr Full Warranty
  • Replaceable parts
  • Customer service 7 days a week
  • Artisan crafted in Boulder, Colorado

How It Works:

  • Fill glass container with essential oils (NEVER fill essential oils above the prongs inside the diffuser, this is a sure way to screw it all up!).
  • Turn on the diffuser by turning the dial on the side of the base. This dial also controls the diffusing strength. (diffuser does need to be plugged in)
  • Once on, the diffuser will alternate 10 minutes on / 10 minutes off for a total run time of 1hr or 4hr depending on the model you choose.
  • DO NOT mix essential oils with carrier oils. Only use premium 100% pure essential oils or blends.


Lubricate the Glass Before Assembling.

Before putting the glass reservoir into the rubber bushing on the base, apply a very small amount of olive or coconut oil on the piece of the glass that inserts into the rubber bushing. This will lubricate the glass for easy insert & removal. Don't apply too much! Applying too much oil could cause oil to drip into the pump hardware in the base. That wouldn't be cool. You can do this anytime before attaching the glass to the base.

Knowing which oils diffuse best

In our experience with this bad boy, diffusing light, steam distilled oils work best. Cold pressed essential oils tend to be a little "thicker" and dont diffuse as well. If you want to use a cold pressed oil like orange, we recommend mixing it with a lighter steam distilled essential oil, like eucalyptus, to improve performance. Frequent diffusing of cold pressed oils is totally fine, but the glass will likely need to be cleaned more frequently than when diffusing steam distilled essential oils.

Cleaning diffuser to maximize performance

Your diffuser should be visibly producing a "mist like" stream of essential oil. If you cannot see any essential oil coming from of the diffuser, you probably have a simple blockage in the straight prong inside the glass. This blockage is typically something like a fuzz or tiny piece of fiber or hair. To clear this, pick up some oil (or water) from within the reservoir with a little plastic pipette and "squirt" it down the straight prong, this will push the fuzz back into the reservoir where to can retrieve it with the pipette or by rinsing out the glass reservoir (PLEASE remove the glass reservoir from the base before rinsing.) This should take care of it. If not, please get in touch and we will help.

DO NOT stick anything rigid like a paperclip into the diffuer in attempt to clear a block, this is WAY more difficult and could break the prongs. If you break a prong, you will need to replace the glass hardware.

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