face cleanse + serum.

$ 50.00

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  • daily moisture & nutrition
  • acne prone skin
  • dry & sensitive skin


  • 1x Cream Face Cleanse
  • 1x Face Serum 60ml

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Customer Reviews

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Love the Products

My first time buying and I am very satisfied with the purchase! I love the Serum! I can’t wait to buy more!

Love the Whole Body Apothecary Products

I live in North Carolina, but my sister lives in Colorado Springs and she brought me to the store because she wanted me to experience the products while visiting Colorado. She is extremely particular about natural, organic items and always carefully researches everything before she buys. I have purchased the body salve, face cleanse, face serum vitamin matrix, essential oil aromatherapy roll-ons, and CBD infused salve (in-store purchase) and absolutely love each item! All the products make my skin feel so moisturized and healthy (I have VERY sensitive skin and it can react negatively to unhealthy products). Thank you for providing thoughtful products to the public!!

Face cleanse and serum

My face absolutely loves this combo of products. I leave the face cleanse on in the shower for a few minutes before rinsing, which really helps it clean my pores while moisturizing at the same time. After just a few days of use my random acne cleared up and my face is incredibly soft.

The serum is actually the first product I fell in love with. It was a gift, and my first time switching from a face cream to an oil. I was hesitant at first, thinking it would make my face more oily, but my skin reacts really well to this serum. It is so hydrating, easy to use, and smells great. I also noticed a decrease in acne right away using the serum.

These two products are now my main products for my face. I don't need anything else!