inflammation tincture.

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Inflammation Botanical Blend

  • Telomere Protection for Chromosomal Health (Turmeric)^
  • Joint, Muscular, Gut and Brian Health^
  • Cognitive Support by Inflammation Reduction^

No Caffeine

Our bodies are inflamed for countless reasons on a daily basis. Diet, environmental toxins, weight lifting, hiking, etc. can inflame joints, the gut, veins and even the brain. Keeping inflammation in check and minimized is key to staying healthy, active and reducing the aging process.^

Botanical Blend: 

*Turmeric, *Ginger Root, *Cinnamon Bark, *Cloves, *Nettle Leaf & Root, *Chamomile, *Sage, *Black Pepper

*Certified Organic

Other Ingredients: 

Certified Organic & Gluten Free Can Alcohol (40-55%), Reverse Osmosis Water, Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin 
*Certified Organic



Do not consume strait from the container. Whole Body Apothecary Herbal Tinctures are highly concentrated and still contain approx 30% alcohol. Please dilute 1.5mL (60 drops or 1.5 droppers full) with at least 4oz of water. Recommended to use twice daily with or without food. Avoid consuming 2 hrs before bed time as the inflammation herbs and spices may cause some energy increases.

Double Extraction

The first extraction is 42 days of high quality, certified organic cane alcohol extraction (ethanol). After the herbs are strained, they are extracted a second time for 45 minutes at a low temperature (140deg F) with reverse osmosis water. The two extractions are combines and held at 140deg F for 10 minutes to flash a percentage of ethanol to maintain potency. The purpose of a double extraction is pulling both ethanol and water soluble nutrients from each herbal blend into solution. A double extraction does not dilute the strength of a tincture if done properly. A double extraction will only add to the complexity and overall quality of the tincture.

Obvious Disclaimer:^These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. Please consult with a medical professional before consuming this product if you have any medical condition.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

inflammation tincture.

Inflammation Tincture

Great product for anyone one - or pet - with inflammation issues.

Inflammation Tincture

Love it!! Works great, doesn't have a bad taste.

Eazy Peazy

I was using the Anti Inflammatory Tea which I still LOVE but this tincture is MUCH easier to use. I don't get the turmeric yellow stained knuckles i used to get trying to dig the tea out of the pouch. The tincture tastes pretty much the same as the tea except for it is not as "peppery".
I think I get the same benefits with the tincture as when I used the tea. I use more of the tincture, at least 2 droppers full 2 x per day. I mix it in with my sweet cinnamon tea and it is delicious!