patchouli essential oil - organic.

$ 20.00


  • Certified Organic
  • Steam Distilled
  • 100% pure (no carriers)
  • Responsibly Sourced From Indonesia
  • Base note

Common uses:

  • Emotional balancer, diluted, massage blend clockwise on the stomach and lower intestine

  • Uplifting blend: 3 drops patchouli, 1 drop rosemary

  • Brighten spirits: 2 drops lemon, 2 drops patchouli, 1 drop bergamot

  • Sensual encouragement: 1 drop patchouli, 1 drop geranium, 1 drop bergamot. Diffuse or use for massage

  • Improve complexion and give skin a lift

Blends well with: Vetiver, rosemary, sandalwood, frankincense, orange, bergamot, cedarwood, myrrh, rose, citrus, clary sage, lemongrass, geranium, and ginger.


caution: Talk to your doctor if you are taking blood thinning or blood clotting medication. Oil may inhibit blood clotting.

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