face & body. inside & out. 
everything you need to cleanse, detox, nourish, revitalize & relax. 

aroma therapy. herbal tea blend. organic skin care. mineral soak.

new you bundle awesomeness:
(r,r & r + love your face)

  • mineral bath - lavender
  • inflammation tea 
  • aroma roller - lavender
  • face cleanse - lavender & orange
  • face serum - 30 ml
  • face mask - cacao & coffee

the good stuff:

mineral bath.

authentic dead sea salt
epsom salt
isolated magnesium chloride (derived from authentic dead sea salt)
authentic himalayan salt
*lavender essential oil

inflammation tea.

*Ginger Root - adaptogen
*Cinnamon Bark
*Nettle Leaf & Root                                *Certified Organic Botanical
*Black Pepper
*rooibos tea
*marshmallow root

aroma roller.

*lavender essential oil
*ev sunflower oil
vitamin e

face cleanse

*Coconut Oil, 
*Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
*FT Shea Butter,
*Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil, 
*Castor Oil, 
Manuka honey
Dead sea salt
Epsom salt
Reverse Osmosis Water, 
Clay Blend (Bentonite, Moroccan) 
*Essential Oil, 
Vitamin E 

face serum

*unrefined argan oil. morocco
*golden jojoba oil. 
*extra virgin rosehips oil.
*extra virgin hemp oil. canada
*extra virgin olive oil. spain
*extra virgin sunflower oil. 
vitamin e. alpha, beta, gamma & delta tocopherols
*geranium oil.
*lavender oil. france
vitamin c (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) 
(normal to oily formula contains the above ingredients and the addition of *rosemary oil. spain)

face mask

saponified oils 
(*sunflower oil
*olive oil
*coconut oil
*castor oil
*ft shea butter)
reverse osmosis water
dead sea salt
*epsom salt
*ft coffee
*ft cacao powder
bentonite clay
dead sea clay
oat powder
*ft madagascar vanilla extract
vitamin e

*certified organic ingredient / ft = certified fair trade


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