• Whole Body Apothecary

    Sustainable - Functional - Organic

 local & independently owned in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Nutrition Based Skin Care & Specialty Apothecary

specializing in inflammation & toxicity

Whole Body Apothecary organic, sustainable, functional and 100% money back gurantee

Building on the Foundations of Whole Body Health

The human body is amazingly resilient when given proper tools & nutrition. Our entire concept is guided by non-industry funded research on the fundamentals of human & environmental health. We believe almost all complications are rooted in some level of inflammation, nutritional deficiency or toxicity. We develop NO BS formulas that provide functional & fundamentally healthful value without introducing toxins to the body or environment.

Five Star Quality & Customer Service

Five star reviews from google, yelp, trusted site and facebook

Five star average rating for Trusted Site, Google, Facebook & Yelp with 150+ reviews.


The consumer holds incredible power to create change by voting with their dollar bills. When people stop buying products making empty claims and stop supporting environmentally damaging operations, companies  will be forced to make a change or go out of business. That's amazing power! To begin participating in change,  take a little time to research companies and products you like. Read ingredients instead of unregulated claims. Support responsible, clean label, transparent companies dedicated to the improvement of health and sustainability. Be a part of the improvement, not the problem.

Knowledge is power.

  • Sustainable priorities

    A brand truly dedicated to the preservation of our natural resources

Sustainable Ingredients & Operations

"We believe it's the RESPONSIBILITY of EVERY company to consider the environmental impact of their operation...and work tirelessly to reduce their foot print"

The use of toxic chemicals, unsustainable ingredients and virgin packaging in a gigantic industry has gigantic impacts on our environment. We live on a finite planet with an increasing demand for resources. Implementing a truly sustainable operation is the only way to responsibly move forward. Every detail of our operation is designed to minimize environmental impact.

Some Eco- Friendly Highlights

- All paper products are 100% recycled, BPA free & Biodegradable. (packaging, bags, paper, receipts, etc)

- All plastic jars are made from 100% post industrial, BPA free material

- All shipping materials reused or 100% recycled (usually both)

- All plant oils & herbs are certified organic to reduce toxic soil & runoff pollution

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