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Strengthening Foundations of Whole Body Health

organic applications that bridge traditional approaches with modern knowledge.

We believe the mind-body is amazingly resilient when given proper tools & nutrition. Our product development combines current understandings of the human physiology and traditional holistic practices. We believe common complications are rooted in some level of inflammation, nutritional deficiency, toxicity & sleep deprivation. We develop no bs formulas that provide fundamentally healthful value without introducing toxins to the body or environment.

Specialty Skin Care


Healthy Microbiome

Healthy skin is home to billions of commensal and symbiotic bacteria. When these microbes form strong cultures, they fight exogenous pathogens for resources. Building and maintaining a strong microbial flora plays a very important role in a healthy immune system and resilient skin.* Abandon the misinformation that all bacteria is bad. 

Our skin care products never contain preservatives, alcohols, or broad spectrum bactericides. Even when organic, these ingredients can wreak havoc on your skin’s symbiotic microbial flora. Damaged microbial flora can result in over deployment of the body’s immune system. Habitual weakening of these primary defenses can result in chronic inflammation and weakened skin.*

Strong Lipid Barrier

Hydrated skin comes from the water you drink and a strong lipid barrier that seals it in. When this barrier is disrupted, hydration (water) can easily evaporate from the skin, causing dryness. Since the lipid barrier is an integral part of the skin's immune system and moisture retention, maintaining its' integrity is very important to maintaining optimal skin health.* Abandon the crazy idea that all oils are bad for your skin and cause breakouts. Your skin is intelligently designed with a lipid (oil) barrier for a reason. You just need the right oils. 

Our serums and salves are zero water formulas, crafted with 100% extra virgin, organic and nutrient rich oils to supplement the lipid barrier for far superior moisture retention and nutrition.

herbal tinctures

loose leaf tea blends

Formulating Holistically

We believe dysfunction is a result of imbalance and disruption throughout the body. 

Most everyone in the natural health community acknowledges the body is not made up of independently acting parts. Instead, our mind-body is intimately connected and all systems have influence over others. For example, an exciting area of research and discovery in modern naturopathy is the mind-gut connection. So much of our health is influenced by conditions of the gut. Any respectable modern herbalist will understand this concept and formulate to improve overall gut health as primary course of action. 

functional skin care

Save With Subscriptions

Save on our specialty products and never worry about running out. Sign up for recurring deliveries to keep your Roots Apothecary supply healthy. No commitments, no hassle, cancel anytime for any reason with a few clicks of your mouse. We're working to make your clean and healthy living routine as simple as possible. Each product will have an option to make a single purchase or set up a recurring delivery. Manage your subscriptions anytime from anywhere by logging into your customer account. 

The Brick & Mortar

Our retail location is well known in Colorado Springs for the hand built tables and shelving crafted from reclaimed pine, the smell of organic essential oils, living plant walls and our collection of over 100 Naturopathic and Ayurveda books. 

Even more than our aesthetic, we're know and respected for our incredible customer service and knowledgeable staff who is there to inform and help. We have a stick "no pressure" sales policy and do not pay commission. Our crew is professional, well spoken and passionate about the Roots Apothecary mission and philosophy.

Recycled & Eco-Friendly Packaging

Being a truly responsible brand means more than having strict dedications to transparency and functional product development. We work tirelessly to reduce our environmental impact by using 100% recycled & eco-friendly packaging, 100% recycled office supplies, minimizing energy usage, sourcing organic and sustainable ingredients, supporting local and national sustainability programs. 

25,000 Trees by 2025

Even with strict eco-friendly standards, we still generate a footprint. To help counter our impact on the environment, we are partnering with the National Forest Foundation to help fund tree planting programs in our national forests. Our goal is to fund the planting of 25,000 trees by 2025. Our donations are based on total revenues generated, so every purchase counts. Learn more about the National Forest Foundation Tree Planting Program. 

Learn more about the National Forest Foundation



The consumer holds incredible power to create change by voting with their dollar bills. When people stop buying products making empty claims and stop supporting environmentally damaging operations, companies  will be forced to make a change or go out of business. That's amazing power! To begin participating in change,  take a little time to research companies and products you like. Read ingredients instead of unregulated claims. Support responsible, clean label, transparent companies dedicated to the improvement of health and sustainability.

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